Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Homeware Haul - Kmart, IKEA and Woolworths


I'm moving house very soon so I've been slowly collecting a few bits over the last few months to decorate our new place and make it feel more like a home! So I thought I would share some of the things I have bought. The majority of stuff is from Kmart with a few pieces from IKEA and Woolworths thrown in.

Ornament Pineapple $9 (Kmart)
My favourite thing I've bought by far is this ornament pineapple from Kmart. I actually bought this after I seen in one of Brittney Lee Saunders YouTube videos. I think it's perfect for having either on your bedside locker or on  a hallway table. It also has a removable top so you could use it for storing things like keys or other small objects! 

Mugs $1.90 each (Woolworths)

I picked up these mugs last week from Woolworths on sale. I actually only own 6 mugs in total including these ones. I remember when we moved house last year we had to buy all of our own kitchenware and completely forgot about mugs when we were doing so and never got around to buying any. I thought these would make a nice addition to our small collection! I love the colour of these and the floral pattern, I want to keep a theme of pastel colours for our kitchen if I can so I might get more of the in different colours during the week. 

Heart Candle holders $4/5 (Kmart)

I bought these candle holders around Christmas time and ended up using them as part of our decorations. I was thinking of using these as make up  holders instead when we move and use them to put mascara and lip glosses in. I'll have to see what kind of place we move to first but if not I'll probably put them either on a matlepiece (if we have one) or on a shelf in the living room. I think these were around 4-5 dollars I can't remember but I know that they still have them in stock in Kmart.

Mason Drink Jars $2 each ( Kmart)

I  got these as a present from a friend after she seen me admiring them one day. I've wanted something like these for ages to put smoothies in or cocktails on the weekend. These are such a bargain and the straws come with them, they're made of hard plastic so they can be used again. 

Fragrant Candles (Small $1 each, Large $6) (Kmart)

I adore the smell of these candles! I bought the smaller ones at Christmas to put into the candle holders (mentioned above) instead of using tea lights. I usually don't buy cheap scented candles because I find the scent doesn't really fill the room or last very long. In saying that I recently repurchased the apple and rhubarb candles because they smelt soo good and the smell did actually linger in the room when I used them. The rhubarb and apple one is a real sweet smelling candle but the rhubarb tones it down slightly so it's not sickly sweet. I got the larger candle after I was so impressed with the smaller ones. It's an exotic spiced berries and pomegranate fragrance.  As the name says it's more of a spicy scent the berries still give it that fruity smell and it has a slight cinnamon smell to it as well. I think these are a great cheaper alternative to Yankee candles especially if you're on a budget like me!

Candle and candle holder $2-3 each (IKEA)
I went on my very first trip to IKEA just before Christmas because the closest one to me in Ireland is 3 hours away! There were so many things I wanted but I said I would wait until we moved before I went spending mad in there! I picked up this Vanilla scented candle and a steel candle holder to go with it. I'll probably put this candle in our bathroom because I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla scents but I think a strong fragrance like this is perfect for the bathroom! I can't remember the exact price of these but I'm positive it was just under $5 for the two.

White Plant Holder $4/5 (IKEA)

I'm sure a lost of people will recognize this item! Most beauty guru's use these as make up brush holders and that's exactly what I got it for. Again I'm not completely sure of the price but it was under the $5 mark.

Set of Tea Towels $2.90 (Woolworths)

This item is probably a bit boring but I thought I'd throw it anyway! I got these in the sales after Christmas.They're supposed to be Christmas tea towels but I don't think the design is very festive. They tie in with my pastel theme and I'll probably just have these more for show than anything else.

Glass Trinket Box $2 (Kmart)
This was such a steal at $2! I didn't really know what to use it for at first but I loved the look of it. The removable lid has a butterfly for a handle. I've been using it to store my cotton pads in instead of keeping them in the bag I think it looks nice on my make up table! :)

 And that's it! 

Thanks for reading,

Colleen x

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