Saturday, 7 February 2015

Micellar Water - Swisse vs Garnier

Unless you've been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of Micellar water! I've been using micellar water for the past few months instead of makeup remover wipes, unlike wipes it's really gentle on the skin and doesn't leave a residue behind on the skin. I much prefer it as I've often had rashes break out on my face due to wipes, so this has been my Holy Grail product! Micellar water contains tiny molecules called micelles which are fatty acids, these micelles act like magnets attracting the make up away from your face! I decided to compare two different brands of micellar water and see the pros and cons of both.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1 (400ml)

I think this brand is popular with most people especially in Ireland. This micellar water is the more expensive of the two at $12 but I actually bought this bottle for half price in Priceline recently. I find the price of it here in Australia ridiculous as it is sold in Penneys in Ireland for less than €4! It's quiet a big bottle at 400ml which is value for money at least. It claims to last for around 200 uses. It doesn't have much of a scent to it and it's clear in colour. I use a cotton pad with this and usually one does me to take off all of make up. It isn't the best for completely removing eye make up it can take a couple of go's to get off liquid liner. It evaporates of the skin almost instantly so you don't have to go back with a second pad to absorb the excess. Overall the price and struggle to remove eye make up are a con for me but the scent-free liquid, evaporating formula and generous amount of product more than make up for this! 

Swisse Micellar Makeup Remover (300ml)

I actually only bought this brand because it was cheaper than the Garnier and I was on a budget that week. I got this bottle in Woolworths for $9 but I seen on the Priceline website they charge $10.99 its technically only a $1 in the difference. Also this is only a 300ml bottle so what you save on money you lose in product. This micellar water is a scented one it smells strongly of cucumber which is kind of a turn-off. It is a natural derived and free from harsh chemicals. This product does remove makeup in one go like Garnier but you are left with your skin feeling like its soaked so you need to use another cotton pad to absorb the rest of the moisture left on you skin. Overall the cons definitely outweigh the pros in this case.

I think Garnier is the winning product and would defo recommend it to anyone looking for a good cleanser to remove makeup that is kind to the skin. I do however think in the case of both products you would need to buy a good eye makeup remover because these just don't cut it! 

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