Saturday, 14 March 2015

Clothing Haul - Valleygirl, Paperscissors, Dotti and Lovisa

Hello everyone! I spent my morning doing a bit of retail therapy :) Here's a few pics and a description of my purchases. Hope you enjoy! 

|| Basic Tank Top - Valleygirl $9.95 ||

Most of the clothes I got where from Valleygirl, I picked up this top because I absolutely love the colour burgundy and it's the perfect colour for Autumn/Winter. This is a tight fit and I got it to wear with high-waisted skirts and trousers. Sorry the picture isn't great the lighting in our house is terrible!! I forgot to mention this top has a panel cut out at the back as well. 

|| Woven High Neck Camisole - Valleygirl $4.95 ||

I already own this top in black but of course I left it Ireland when I was packing! I don't really wear much yellow but I like the fit of this and I recently picked up a plain black midi-skirt that this would go really well with. I did plan on wearing this to work but now I've taken a picture it's a bit see-through which might not be appropriate. Also it was priced at $6.95 on the tag but when I checked the receipt I got it for $4.95 so an absolute bargain!

|| Layered Woven Top -  Valleygirl $9.95 ||

I recently bought this top in grey, and if you follow me on Instagram (@lipstickwanderlust) you can see what I paired it with. I really love the impression of having a chiffon blouse worn underneath. It's basically two tops for the price of one! The woven part is quite heavy too so it can be worn in colder months as well. It's very reasonably priced as well which is a bonus. 

|| Fitted Blazer -  Valleygirl $39.95 ||

I love a good blazer and I picked this one up because a lot of my blazers are either printed or brightly coloured. This is the perfect colour for work and it goes well with jeans, printed trousers or fitted skirts. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but it's a pale pink/nude colour, also ignore that fact that it needs a good iron it was taken straight from the bag. 

|| Ribbed Midi-Dress - Paper Scissors $15.99 ||

I tried on a similar dress to this in TEMT last week but they only had it in black, so when I seen this today in Paper Scissors I thought the grey would be nicer. It has a half polo neck and is a ribbed material. I think this will be perfect for a night out with a leather biker jacket and heels or for a more casual look with some sandals. 

|| Printed Trousers - Dotti $39.95 ||

Again if you follow me on Instagram you would know I am OBSESSED with printed pants!! I just love them for work, I feel a bit more dressed up with minimum effort when I  wear them. This pair will go perfectly with either the burgundy top from Valleygirl or with the blue layered top. I've also included a close up of the print because I didn't think the original picture done it justice. I bought these pants at a discounted price as Dotti was having an offer of $20 off the original price.

|| Earrings - Lovisa 3 for $10 ||

These are a non-clothing item but I thought I'd include them anyways. I've been meaning to get new earrings for months now and I wanted something inexpensive because I rarely wear them anymore. These were such a bargain 9 pairs for $10 and they're actually better quality than I expected. My favourite pairs are the rose gold hearts and the gold bar pair. 

And that's it!

Thanks for reading,

Colleen x

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